Review & Swatches: Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette

I feel like this contour and highlight palette needs no introducing. It's hot in the beauty world and has been for a while now. If you haven't heard the latest - Kat Von D beauty is no available exclusively to Debenhams in the UK!

I've always been really unsure about this palette and whether or not the shades were suitable for my skin shade. After swatching in store then doing some further umm'ing and ahh'ing I decided to finally purchase online.

The palette itself is very on brand Kat Von D. An all black palette with a flip lid and some cool gothic text on the front. You get 3 highlight shades (Lucid, Lyric, Levitation) and 3 contour shades (Sombre, Shadowplay, Subconscious)

(Top row: Lucid, Lyric, Levitation - Bottom row: Sombre, Shadowplay, Subconscious)

I'm actually pretty impressed with this palette. The shades are very suited to my skin tone that I'm curious how paler complexions manage to get the darkest contour shade to work. I feel like if you're abouuuut 2 shades darker than my complexion that you wouldn't get much use from this - the highlight shades would be too light and the contour shades potentially not dark enough. One thing I didn't like about this palette is that the shades dust over the edges of the pans quite a lot so it's hard to keep all the shades confined to their own pans -makes for a messy palette!

(Above - left to right: Lucid, Lyric, Levitation)

Lucid is a pink based nude with a matte finish. This one is nice on my skin tone and I use this one to bake under my eyes to set my concealer and brighten up that area a bit more

Lyric is a more yellow toned beige with a matte finish. This reminds me of a less yellow version of the Sacha Buttercup powder. I like this one again to set my under eye concealer to brighten my look and set my concealer.

Levitation is probably my favourite highlight shade as it's a brown based beige with a matte finish which is closest to my skin colour. I've reached for this most to set my under eye concealer which reaaaaally sets it and assists in brightening under my eyes.

(Above - left to right: Sombre, Shadowplay, Subconscious)

Sombre is a taupe-y brown shade with slight grey undertones. This is a nice light-ish shade for my skin tone which gives me a subtle hollowed out contour.

Shadowplay is a more medium brown shade with peachy undertones. I like this one for a nice warm contour and apply this on my jawline as well as cheeks (I usually only contour my cheeks)

Subconscious is the star of the show for me. This was the first shade I used when I got the palette and I applied it to my face and out loud went WOAH. This is some hella pigmented s***! It's a deep brown with warm peachy undertones which is perfect for giving me that killa chiselled contour.

The above swatches aren't blended out but these powders are really smooth, very pigmented and blend out perfectly.

I went for a really OTT chiselled contour to emphasise the shade and pigmentation of Subconscious; I'm also wearing Levitation under my eyes.

Have you tried this palette? What do you think?

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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