Review & Swatches: Imagic Professional Cosmetics 12 Flash Color Case - Make Up Forever Flash Palette Dupe

HELLO FIRST POST OF 2017! I apologise for me being MIA (again) what with Christmas, a holiday, New Years and my birthday I have been a very busy little bee.

I feel like the Make Up Forever Flash Palette is pretty well known in the beauty world - come Halloween every YouTuber pulls it out the bag for their fancy dress looks and anything involving a full face/body look. The flash palette is basically a 12 shade case with cream pigments. They are safe to use near enough anywhere on your face and body (obviously just don't shove them in your eyeballs) and suuuuuper pigmented - so perfect to use as face paint or for trying out some really cool colourful looks.

The only downside to the MUFE palette is that it retails for about $99....which is absurd. I've lusted over the flash palette for as long as I can remember but never even thought of purchasing it due to the ridiculous price tag.

A beautiful YouTuber I know posted a video with a incredibly cheap dupe for the flash palette that you can buy from Ebay (you can watch the video and peruse their channel here!) Since I don't own the MUFE palette you can see the swatch comparisons on the video they've posted which are incredibly alike!

This is such a versatile shade range with some really interesting bright shades that I'm super excited to play with! I'm feeling some Pat Mcgrath vibes with that gold and silver; and so many fancy dress options with the brighter colours too!

These are all one swipe swatches which is genuinely amazing. They're creamy and pigmented and feel really comfortable on the skin. These are gonna be so fun to use and way more pigmented when you use a powder shadow over the top to set it and intensify the shade. You can buy your Ebay flash palette by Imagic here

Have you tried this palette or the MUFE one? What do you think of this dupe?

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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