Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette

I was very lucky to receive this palette as a gift for Christmas. It's a limited edition 21 shade Urban Decay palette and when I saw photos of it I was so excited because all of the shades are so Me.

The packaging is really nice - a sturdy black square palette with etched lines on the front and a thick jewelled UD logo on the front. Inside is a large mirror too which can stand up alone.

Before I got it as a gift I went past an Urban Decay store so decided to pop in to see the shades in person and do a few swatches of the shades I liked best. In all honesty I wasn't impressed with the quality of the shades but was excited nonetheless when I opened this up.

In the meantime I'd read a couple of reviews and watched swatch videos, all of which weren't sounding too promising for this palette! Which is such a shame because Urban Decay are often known for their pigmented bright coloured shades.

By the looks of the palette they're intending for 7 different 'looks' you can get from it - the 3 shades per column seem to be intended to be used together. I've swatched it that way so you can see the similar shades together and maybe get some inspiration!

(Swatches left to right: Paranoia, Gossip, Alchemy)

So I basically did the swatches backwards (my bad) so from left to right of the swatches is bottom to top in the palette.

Paranoia is a sheer, shimmery violet pink shade. This reminded me of the usual Urban Decay shimmer formula which was nice and velvety with the shimmer not being thick or chunky.

Gossip is a shimmer hot pink - this one took a few swipes to get some good pigmentation. It felt nice and once blended out on my arm felt nice but it took some effort getting there. It's a pretty shade with reflective shimmer in it.

Alchemy is almost a red/maroon toned shimmery pink - this was another one that took a few swipes to reach it's full potential but it's a very pretty colour and I think will blend quite nicely.

(Swatches left to right: Jones, Seize, Warning)

Jones is a really lovely shimmery orange toned light gold shade. This was a nice smooth shade and seemed to blend out really well.

Seize is a pink based coral shade with a satiny finish and silver microglitter. The microglitter is suuuuper fine so it's not that obvious until the light hits it. This one felt quite chalky and I had to smooth out the swatch a little to give it a nice finish.

Warning is a lovely orange toned bronzy shade with a metallic finish. It reminds me a lot of Coppering by Mac and has a similar chunky feel to it but smooths out once blended.

(Swatches left to right: Goldmine, Calavera, Midnight Blaze)

Goldmine was such a surprise shade! In the pan it doesn't look like much, just another pale gold, but it's a really pretty almost creamy yolk yellow gold with some shimmer. I think this will look really nice on the lid or as an inner corner highlight shade.

Calavera is a super bright matte yellow. This shade was one that got me excited about this palette to begin with. Bright yellow shades are rare within palettes so I was excited for this! It's very chalky and took me a good few swipes to build up this intensity but I like the shade and think I could make it work as a crease shade or inner corner shade.

Midnight Blaze is one of my least favourite shades - it's a dark grey with gold microglitter. Which sounds nice in theory BUT it's chalky, the glitter has a lot of fall out and when I blended it out on my hand it faded to almost nothing making it look dirty and smudged. One shade that I know just from swatching that I won't use much if at all.

(Swatches left to right: Mean, Hatter, Hundred)

Mean is another saving grace of this palette, a gold based hot lime green with a nice shimmery finish. This is super reflective and will look amazing as a lid shade, inner corner highlight, or even cheek highlight!

Hatter was another shade that I was excited to try out - a matte bright green with a weeny shimmery finish to it. It's a really unique pea shade of green that I don't see in many eyeshadows. Again, this one took multiple swipes to build up the colour but I think it's workable.

Hundred is a dark forest green shade with a reflective shimmery finish. I really like this shade when it's layered and layered to get it's full intensity but when it was blended out it sheered out a lot and looked muddy and dirty. I'll try to make this shade work but I don't think it's one I'm going to reach for.

(Swatches left to right: Metamorphosis, Blindsided, Minx)

Metamorphosis is a really unique periwinkle blue shade. It seems to be matte with tiny weeny silver glitter in it. As much as I love the shade the formula was chalky and I had to build this shade up quite a few times to get it to this level of intensity. I don't think this is going to blend out so well so it might take some working with to get it to this level of pigmentation.

Blindsided is a nice electric matte blue with smol silver glitter in it. This shade reminds me a lot of Gonzo from the Electric's Palette also from Urban Decay. (I did a review and swatch post of it here!) This is another one that seems super chalky and I had to build it up so much. Which is a shame because it's such a pretty shade!

Minx is a dark navy blue which seems matte but has some slight silver shimmer to it. It's very pigmented but seemed to fade when blended out, so this might be another one that needs to be built out to show it's true shade.

(Swatches left to right: Faded, Sketch, Delirious)

Faded is probably one of my least favourite shades in the entire palette. It's a matte lavender with gold microglitter but once blended out it fades to almost nothing. The glitter is chunky and thick and has a lot of fall out. Definitely one that I don't think I'll be reaching for

Sketch is such a pretty shade! It's a medium violet purple shade with a shimmery blue toned reflective finish. This one did take some building up but it blended out really nicely and wasn't chunky like some of the other shades in the palette. This will look really nice as an inner corner highlight or even a face highlight if it's sheered out.

Delirious is another that I'm not too keen on - it's a matte dark plum shade with tiny glitters in it. It's suuuuper chalky and doesn't blend very nicely; neither is it a shade that I'll really reach for.

(Swatches left to right: Bump, Iced, Platonic)

Bump is a icy white matte shade which I'm a bit skeptical about! It's shown up really well in the swatch after a couple of swipes but blended out I don't think it had much of an impact. I think this would look good as a base to help intensify another brighter shade from this palette but I don't think this will work very well alone.

Iced is a really pretty silver shade with a lot of shimmer. This will look really good as an inner corner highlight, lid shade or even a face highlight since it's so high shimmer.

Platonic is another shade that I'm not too keen on - it's a charcoal grey with silver micro glitters but it's matte based and chalky and blends out to look muddy and dirty. The shade itself is something I wouldn't really reach for either.

Overall this palette has been really hit and miss for me! There's some shades I love and can see myself using a lot, but some seem to be just so unusable that I don't think I'll be reaching for this entire palette too often. I think I'm going to try and depot some of my more favoured shadows and put them in a Z palette.

I'm going to try and do some looks with as many of the workable shades I can and report back on how they fair! 

Has anyone tried this palette? What are your thoughts?

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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