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Fragrance is something I don't really talk about much on my blog, but I'd say it definitely is included in the 'beauty' department.

So for some strange reason, long wearing, beautiful smelling perfumes are always ridiculously priced. £75.00 for 30ml? Umm NOPE. I've always resisted buying high end perfumes for that reason but a lot of the time they are the better smells or the longer lasting perfumes.

I'd heard a lot about perfume oils and that they lasted longer on your skin, were less harmful being on your skin and a little went a long way. After some research I discovered Perfume Parlour, an online website that did a huge range of perfume oils. The great thing about this website is that they're nearly all dupes of well known perfumes or brands. Everything from DKNY to Jo Malone to Viktor & Rolf - just type in your favourite brand or perfume and it'll come up with any dupes it has. Even better than that is that it's £8.00 for a 30ml bottle! Even if it ended up being a 'not-so-great' perfume that's still a really excellent price.

Due to the low price my first order I went for 3 different perfumes that I'd smelt in person and fell in love with. Jo Malone's Blackberry & Bay, Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb Rose Explosion, Tom Ford's Café Rose. Due to copyright, all of Perfume Parlour's dupe names are slightly different and often pretty amusing. So instead of the previous names, I received Blackberry Bayz, Flower Boombs Explosion and Caafe Roses. My delivery arrived really quickly, well packaged and the glass bottles are reminiscent of Jo Malone's long and slim bottles.

I know I can't convey smells over this post but I wish I could do a side by side smell-e-vision typa thing because wow they are identical. I was so so shocked when I smelt them! The great thing is that because they're an oil they last a lot longer on your skin so I'm not spritzing all day. I get the odd waft of this throughout the day which is amazing as I end up stop smelling perfumes on myself over a period of time. Another great thing about it being an oil is that you can spritz it on the end of your hair so when you flip your hair or you're running through the hills to the sound of music you'll leave a lovely trail of your favourite perfume behind you.

After I became so infatuated with the 3 scents I got on my first order I pooled together with a group of friends (after convincing them to place an order as the site is so great) for a second order. This time round I got Jo Malone's Sea Salt & Wood Sage and Jo Malone's Rose Water & Vanilla; aka Woody Sagez and Rosey Water. Are you maybe sensing a theme with my perfume choices? These 2 additions to my perfume collection are really nice, light and smell exactly like their high end versions.

I also picked up some 'fragrance dust' in one of my all time favourite smells Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone (aka Blackberry Bayz)

The fragrance dusts are £6.50 for a 100ml/70g pot of essentially fragranced dust. You stick it in the top of an oil burner and it scents your room so quickly it's honestly incredible. You only need a small amount for a good few hours burning time so this pot is going to last me forever and I can apparently get around 30-40 hours burning time. Another great thing about these is that I can create my own scents by mixing 2 different dusts together.  Plus, they're mess free - I can just chuck away the dust when it's all burnt through!

As you can tell I'm a huge fan of this website and the perfumes they create. I encourage everyone I know to purchase from here as spending £60+ for a decent bottle of perfume is not something I want to do ever again.

Have you tried anything from Perfume Parlour before? What are your favourite perfume scents?

If you have any question or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!


  1. I haven't tried any perfume from Perfume Parlour yet. I think the idea is really nice. I have been using Paco Rabanne 1 million for last two years. I bought it from my local store named BPIB. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. No worries! Hope you manage to order from them - their dupes are great!

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