Review & Swatches: Juvia's Place Masquerade Palette

*Screams* I LOVE PoC OWNED MAKE UP BRANDS!!! Juvia's Place is a fairly new brand and one I discovered through Instagram. They're another brand that do amazing swatch videos on their Instagram page. (Their Instagram also shows swatches on medium to dark skin tones and eye looks on PoC after PoC after PoC!) Just a little background info, Juvia's Place is owned by a Nigerian woman who saw a gap in the market for make up and hair products for black women. There's a mini Q&A with the owner here which is really informative and will probably make you love the brand even more.

They ship to loads of places around the world and shipping to the UK took about a week and was about £10 with shipping and tax etc. You can order directly from their website here

I was lucky enough to receive the Masquerade Palette as a Christmas gift and oh my gosh I am in love. The palette itself is very large with bright and vivid colours and the eyeshadow pans are massive!

The variety of shades are amazing! I tend to find that in palette's that have a brighter shade range there's never many matte shades or transition shades to help you create an entire look with one palette. The Masquerade Palette has solved that problem for me. Some amazingly bright hues with neutral browns and golds to ease the brightness a bit or just do an entirely neutral eye look. I'm in awe! Juvia's Place describe the palette as being inspired by 'African Festivities with enormous joy and spiritual activities. The bold colours represent costumes used in festivals. The nude and browns represent the African soil environments'

(Swatches left to right: Zola, Dalia, Mali, Chi)

So I did the swatches back to front again (my bad) - the swatches from left to right are the palette right to left.

MAY I JUST SAY all of these are one swipe swatches with no primer or prep or anything and oh my god I promise I'm not crying over make up. The shimmer shades can all be used wet or with a primer/setting spray but the swatches I've done are all dry. Meaning that there is the potential for...more...pigmentation.

Zola is a turquoise with a satin finish and a tonneeeeee of shimmer. So incredibly pigmented and smooth!

Dalia is a bright blue with a satin finish and some shimmer to it too. Another one that's ridiculously pigmented and velvety.

Mali is is a sharp limey green shade with a satin finish and a tonne of shimmer. Super easy to blend and a really smooth finish.

Chi *cries* is a purple based cobalt blue with a satin finish. An amazingly bright and pigmented shade!

(Swatches left to right: Bori, Calabar, Zobo, Makeda)

Bori is a hot pink with gold glitter reflects in it - the glitter seemed a little chunky but blended seemed to smooth out really nicely

Calabar is a coppery reddish brown shade with a satin shimmery finish. Incredibly pigmented and blended like butter. An amazing lid shade for a semi neutral eye look!

Zobo is the first matte shade in the palette, a pink based burgundy. It's very pigmented but didn't blend as nicely as the shimmery shades. Still a lovely shadow and will look nice buffed as a crease shade.

Makeda is such a WOAAAAAH shade! This satin finish bright purple really packs a punch, it's amazingly pigmented, smooth and is going to be super easy to work with.

(Swatches from left to right: Ada, Cairo, Burkina, Giza)

Ada is a matte brown based burgundy; it felt a little dry when I swatched it but it's very pigmented and I think buffed out well enough and it'll be a lovely crease and/or transition shade.

Cairo is a red based orange with gold microglitter in it. This is another one that felt a little dry but smoothed out once blended and still remained very pigmented.

Burkina is a matte soft brown shade - this one was nice and smooth and very pigmented. This shade is going to be a perfect transition and crease shade for my skin tone.

Giza is such a surprising shade! I wasn't expecting this at all from what I saw in the pan - it's a silvery white beige with a satin and shimmer finish. Going to be amazing as a lid shade and inner corner highlight - may even use this as a face highlight too!

(Swatches left to right: Fulani, Casablanca, Zuli, Dahia)

Fulani is a pretty matte chocolate brown shade which is a perfect crease shade for me. This will also look really good buffed into the crease when doing a dark or super colourful look.

Casablanca *cries* oh my god I am so in love with this shade! A beautiful gold bronze shade with a really shimmery satin finish. This shade will look incredible with any of the other shadows in this palette and amazing as a face highlight too!

Zulu is a warm brown matte shade with a little undertone of orange. Another really lovely crease shade for my skin tone!

Dahia aaaaaaaah what a beautiful shade! A champagne gold shade with a load of shimmer. It's smooth, buttery and blends really nicely but still remains super pigmented. This is going to look amazing as a lid shade, inner corner highlight, brow bone highlight and face highlight.

Since you can probably hear my screams from where you're sat you'd guess correctly that I'm in love with this palette just from the swatches. It's such a diverse set of shades that I'm super excited to get my teeth (or brush) into.

I've had a little play already and did a really simple look using Zulu in the crease with Casablanca lightly dusted on the lid, Mali on the inner corner of the lid and Giza as an inner corner highlight and brow bone highlight.

This palette is such fun to play with - I really enjoyed this look and it was so easy and effortless! I'm looking forward to getting some use out of the brighter shades too.

Have you tried anything from Juvia's Place? Any products you'd recommend?

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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