Review: Too Cool For School Egg Cream Sheet Masks

As you can probably tell ya girl loves a bandwagon. Recently I've been doing more research into sheet masks and Korean skin care as both are raved about in the beauty world for being godsends for problematic skin. A little background on my skin - I used to have really stressed acne as a teenager and as I got older I would get cystic acne flare ups when I consumed dairy or it was that time of the month. All of the above left a lot of scarring, discolouration and hyperpigmentation. Over the past year or so my skin has improved dramatically and my focus is more on keeping my skin hydrated, nourished and thoroughly clean.

For those who aren't familiar with sheet masks they're basically a tissue, paper or fabric mask that is covered in a serum of some kind; you lay it on your face for around 20 minutes and once removed you rub or tap in the rest of the serum into your face.

These sheet masks from Too Cool For School are potentially a little off-putting for some with 'Egg Cream' in the title. Personally I'm not that fussed and I've heard that eggs can be very good for your skin. (Sorry to all the vegans out there). Amongst egg yolk extract the other main ingredients include coconut water and camellia (tea) oil; both of which are amazing for re-hydration, moisturising and smoothing out your skin.

I received a pack of 5 of these as a birthday gift from Amazon - they're a tissue mask which come with an extra netted layer that you peel off. The face shaped sheet has eye, mouth and nose holes so you lay it on and smooth out the tissue mask over your face. When I pulled this out of the packet it's saturated in serum which is always a good sign! They had a non offensive smell to them, almost like the smell of unscented creams and lotions, so for me it was unnoticeable. I left the mask on for around 30 minutes (20 mins is recommended) and tapped the rest of the serum into my face with my finger tips. I wasn't expecting a huge difference so an hour or so later I went to sleep and when I woke up I noticed a considerable difference to the condition of my skin.

My skin was soft, smooth, supple and so incredibly hydrated. My make up smoothed onto my skin effortlessly, my under eyes weren't dry and tired looking like they usually are and any dryer patches of skin had become visibly reduced.

I've used 3 of these sheet masks so far and each time I've noticed my skin improve hugely. I'm really impressed! I think I'll end up repurchasing these, especially during the winter time when my skin does suffer from the cold weather and end up a bit dry and tired looking.

Has anyone else used these masks or anything by Too Cool For School?

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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