Tutorial: Festival Make Up - No Cultural Appropriation - Glitter Lips

Welcome back! And on today's episode of Festival Make Up Looks With No Cultural Appropriation....ok I'll stop. So if you haven't caught my recent posts I've decided to do a little series of festival make up looks involving no cultural appropriation. You can catch my 2 recent looks (and my smol rant on cultural appropriation) here and here for a little inspo!

So I try not to wash my hair very often - I usually wash it once a week/every 10 days. This is part laziness, part the fact it doesn't need washing very often and part that I want to protect my hair as much as possible. I don't like washing it very often so sometimes I get to that 10 day stage where it's a little bit greasy and a bit rougher. So if you're like me, hats will be your best friend! I decided to go with glitter lips for a look where the emphasis was on the lips so you could kinda hide behind your hat a little bit. Glitter lips are a trend which is again, all over instagram and that is perfect as a festival look as it's bright, colourful and super fun.

I started off with my usual base of moisturiser, primer, setting powder, foundation, concealer and setting powder. I then went in with my usual brow routine of wax, pomade and matte eyeshadow. For the specific details you can catch them on my first look here

For my eyes I went with a neutral all matte brown look. I smoked it out pretty heavily under my eyes and did a thick wing on my lids. I decided to go for a pair of thick, fluttery eyelashes and opted for the Eylure

To finish off the face I did a light contour, a peachy toned blush and some gold highlighter on the high points of my cheek, bridge and dip of my nose and above my lip.

Now onto the lips! I got a little packet of chunky glitter from Ebay - they had a great choice of different colours and styles. I went for Petunia as it was bright and colourful without being too OTT and tacky.

As a base I used a black liquid lipstick (Black Velvet by Limecrime) but I reckon any liquid lipstick would work really well, especially bright colours. I started with my bottom lip and applied the liquid lipstick. Using a flat eyeshadow brush I scooped up some of the loose glitter and dabbed it onto my lips as the liquid lipstick was drying to matte. I made sure I did it over a little tub to catch any fall out. Mainly so I didn't make a mess and so I didn't waste any glitter. I then repeated this process on my top lip and voila!

This is a super fun and easy look to do and really packs a punch - it's bright, colourful and is very eyecatching.

In terms of lengevity this is probably not the longest wearing look and is probably more ideal if you're going to be doing little movement with your lips. You could definitely wear this to a festival if you're drinking through a straw or eating finger food. Even if this does wear off throughout the day you can always just reapply the liquid lipstick you have on underneath to patch up any wear and tear.

And that's it for today's looks! I chose a floral brocade cap and also a satin embroided cap - both are from New Look - they have some amazing caps in at the moment and for really reasonable prices.

Do you think you'll go for glitter lips this festival season? What are your favourite festival looks?

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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