Review & Swatches: NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette - Brights

I've seen this palette a fair bit of social media recently and I'm always drawn to a super bright palette. I'm a big fan of NYX and the reasonably priced but usually great products but I have never purchased any of their eyeshadows. Beauty vloggers rave about them but irl friends are kinda meh about them. I had a Boots gift card burning a hole in my pocket so decided to go for the Brights palette. £16.00 for 16 shades is a great price even if half the palette is a dud.

The packaging reminds me of some Mac eyeshadow palettes and seems pretty sturdy and is small enough to travel with comfortably.

The rows of shadows range from red, orange, purple, pink, blue, green and yellow and the palette has a range of mattes and slight shimmers.

The shades don't have names so I've numbered them for ease! I did all the swatches on bare skin with no primer and I was pretty impressed with the swatches and am intrigued to see how these will hold up applied with a brush on my eyes.

1 is mainly matte with a slight gold glitter reflect to it - it's a pretty red/pink shade which is fairly unique! It was a little patchy to swatch but blended out nicely.

2 is a matte bright pink - again a little patchy to swatch but blended out well and didn't disappear!

3 is a matte neon-ish orange shade which was actually pretty smooth and blended out really nicely.

4 is a matte peachy orange - it's very similar to shade 3 but a little paler. I feel like it was a bit unnecessary for this palette as 3 and 4 are so similar I would have preferred a completely different shade rather than two very similar.

5 is a mainly matte royal purple shade with fine gold glitter shimmer to it. It's very pigmented but a little chalky to apply and blended out chalky too. I'd like to see what this shade is like on the eyes and blended out with a brush but I don't have the highest hopes for it!

6 is a mainly matte pink with a blue/purple base and slight gold microglitter.  Again, this is a super pigmented shade but it was a little chalky. Less chalky than 5 but chalky nonetheless! I'd like to see how this fairs on the eyes too!

7 is a matte petal pink shade. Probably my least favourite shade in the palette - it's lacking in pigmentation and didn't feel nice - it was dry and chalky and I don't have high expectations for this one on the eyes!

8 is a satin matte lilac shade. Very pretty violet shade that will look great on a nice spring or pale brown eye look.

9 is a shimmery bright cobalt blue shade - amazing pigmentation and didn't feel too chalky when swatched. I'm intrigued to see if this holds up blended out with a brush and if it holds it's pigmentation

10 is probably one of my favourite shades - a bright turquoise blue matte that reminds me a lot of Gonzo from the Urban Decay Electric's Palette.

11 is a really unique teal green shade with super fine silver shimmer. It's reaaaaally pigmented and is smooth and velvety and blends out really nicely.

12 is a matte pastel sea kinda green shade. It's a super unique shade which is really smooth, pigmented and blends out nicely.

13 is a matte pea green shade - really pretty and well pigmented. It's smooth and pretty buildable so I reckon this will look really nice on the eyes

14 is a mainly matte with fine shimmer to it. It's a yellow based lime green which is fairly pigmented. Not great but not bad either and it's pretty smooth and doesn't feel chalky.

15 is a matte mustardy egg yolk yellow shade. It's very pigmented but also pretty chalky. Not a huge fan of the texture of this one so I'm intrigued to see how this will hold out on the eyes (if at all!)

16 is a mainly matte lemon yellow shade with slight shimmer to it. A little chalky to apply but blends out nicely

Overall I'm not too sure on this palette, there are a lot of hits and misses which is what I was expecting. I'm intrigued to see how these shades will fair on the eyes and used with a brush. Some of the more matte shades were a little chalky so I'd like to see how these are, especially over a primer or white base.

I'll definitely be reporting back with some eye looks to see how well these do on the eyes! Have you tried any of these palettes? What did you think?

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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