Review: Suneeta Cosmetics: Solid State Deodrant, Calendula Cleansing Balm, Golden Turmeric Skin Cream

As you know I'm a big fan of supporting PoC owned brands, and even better if they're natural/cruelty free etc etc. Suneeta Cosmetics is a skincare/body products brand that makes everything from scratch but specialises in natural fresh, cruelty free and chemical free. Suneeta boasts on their website that their products all have no: SLS, foaming agents, mineral oil, silicones, palm oil, parabens, propylene glycol, triclosan, phthalates and generally no nasties. I don't even know what some of that stuff is let alone that it's bad for my skin!

You can order from Suneeta Cosmetics online but I made my partner trek down Portobello market on a hot Saturday afternoon to find their stall. For anyone interested, the stall is riiiiight at the back of the market, past the food stalls, past the vintage stalls and opposite a small art gallery. The stall is a humble little set up boasting a great array of face and body products.
I of course did some research online of her products and what was most raved about - and then I weighed in what I actually needed. Yes, sometimes I do need products! I picked up the Mandarin Calendula Cleansing Balm, Golden Turmeric Skin Cream and the Solid State Deodorant in Bergamot and Sandalwood. As a fellow South Asian I am fully aware of all the home remedies that involve turmeric, whether it's for your skin or for your insides. I needed another balm type make up remover and this one smelt really lovely and felt super luxe and moisturising. I picked up the deodorant after reading a review on how amazing it is. I'm a sweater. I sweat more than the average person and I commute in central London every day so I'm always on the hunt for a great deodorant, especially if it's all natural!

The Solid State Deodrant comes in your standard twist up tube with a cap (one thing to note is to wind the tube anti clockwise rather than clockwise.) The smell is really nice - fresh, woody and clean. The reviews for this deodorant is great which is what swayed me to try it out. It feels nice on the skin, it isn't dry or course and it doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable. I used this when I hadn't shaved my underarms in around 4 months so my hair was quite thick. The deodorant wasn't too comfortable when my hair was long but once it was shaved or even just bristly it felt a lot less sticky. Throughout the day I get a whiff of this if I lift my arms or run for the train and I love it! I kept looking around me trying to figure out where the smell came from but then realised it was me. In terms of smell from sweat I haven't smelt myself once, and that was even on hot days or days where I was sweating a lot from commuting. I'm very impressed!
I have thick thighs that often create a friction rash otherwise known as chub rub when I'm bare legged. To combat this I always use a stick deodorant on my inner thighs and I don't have a problem. I've done this in 30+ degree heat and walked around 6 miles and been completely fine. I tried that with this deodorant and it didn't have the best affect. I'm not really that bothered by that as I always have other products on hold for that but it would have been great if this could have done my thighs too! This product has beeswax in it so isn't vegan.

The Mandarin Calendula Cleansing Balm smells amazing, it's citrusy without being overpowering, and has a clean, fresh and comforting scent - it reminds me of Terry's Chocolate Orange! The balm works like most other balm cleansers - you take a small amount and rub it all over a dry face (this includes over make up!) - massage it well into your skin and you'll see your make up breaking up and dissolving. Once you're fully covered and looking a bit wild - dampen a wash cloth in warm/hot water - cover it over your face and rub away the balm and your make up with it! This claims to remove waterproof mascara too! I personally don't use waterproof mascara so I'm not too sure about that claim. You do need to wipe a few extra times around the eye area, especially if you wear a lot of dark eye make up but this was no bother for me. This balm boasts a bunch of great oils like almond, mandarin and orange oil - it also contains cocoa butter and calendula. These are all really soothing, calming products for your skin. I have super sensitive eyes - I don't know what it is but every oil/balm cleanser I've used that I use on my eyes removes the make up incredibly well but it will always make my eyes sting - I don't have this problem at all with this one!. The balm has the consistency of a softer coconut oil - if you're familiar with your coconut oil melting down to a complete liquid during those hotter months then the same thing will happen to this! I left mine on my dressing table with the curtains open so my balm is a bit more liquidy compared to when I bought it. This product is completely vegan too!

The Golden Turmeric Skin Cream seems to be the most popular item on Suneeta's website. It comes in 2 sizes but I went for the smaller one just in case my skin didn't like it. Some people have compared the smell to 'curry'.....which I don't smell....at all. The cream has turmeric in it which of course is often used in many South Asian curries and dishes so there may be a faint whiff of it; but even nose to the tub I couldn't smell it. The cream also contains shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and olive oil - all amazing products that help rejuvenate, heal and moisturise your skin. I would say I have normal skin so I've never needed a heavy day cream or anything. This is super comfortable to wear under make up or even as a night cream. It doesn't make my make up slip and slide and it absorbs into the skin really nicely. I've found that this has generally improved the condition of my skin, especially during this Summer to Autumn transition where my skin tends to suffer a bit. My skin is really well hydrated, it feels nice and plump and has a slight glow to it when I'm not wearing make up. This product is also completely vegan!

I'm such a fan of these products! I can't wait for more of my other skincare products to run out so I can get more from here to add to my skincare routine. Have you used Suneeta Cosmetics before? What did you think?

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