Review: YesTo Coconut Lip Kit (Scrub & Mask)

My love for matte lipsticks means that I am always on a hunt for a good lip balm/salve. I have many tried and tested products but I saw this YesTo 2 step lip kit situation and was pretty intrigued by it!

Step 1 of the kit is a scrub, an exfoliating lip scrub with coconut, sugar and sodium hyaluronate being their main ingredients. Please don't assume I know what the heck that last one is but apparently it helps to plump lips naturally. Coconut/ coconut oil is a great moisturiser and very hydrating for the lips and the sugar is the scrub aspect of it.

Step 2 is the lip mask, a plumping paper lip mask made with 96% natural ingredients. Bit of a weird number to quote but ok? I'm not really that bothered about my lips being super plump as I like the size and juiciness of my lips as they are *clicks fingers* - but hey, I'm not gonna say no to something making my lips more luscious! The packaging to this is extra as heck as step 1 is a weeny packet of scrub and step 2 is a small lip sheet.

You're instructed to use the lip scrub on clean, dry lips and work in small circular motions and rinse or wipe away. Since it's a sugar based scrub it's not too big of a deal if a small amount of this gets into your mouth. Obviously don't eat it straight from the packet but a small amount is not going to kill you. The scrub was nice - my lips felt very soft afterwards and had a good tingly feeling. The amount of scrub provided is definitely enough for about 3-4 uses so no need to slather it all on in one go.

The mask is a bright pink paper mask which you lay over your lips...in the shape of lips. This mask is excessively big so it overlaps a lotttt but it means there is no lip shape or size that this won't fit. I didn't really notice a huge difference in terms of plumping but it felt nice on the lips and gave a nice tingle which complimented the scrub.

Overall this is a nice product - a little gimmicky and definitely not life changing but it was fun and easy to use and made my lips feel nice. This would be a great stocking filler type gift for friends or family. I probably won't repurchase this but won't be opposed to using it again.

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