Review & Swatches: Fenty Beauty Collection - Pro Filtr Foundation in #330, Glossbomb, Mattemoiselle in Saw-C, Matchstix Trio in Tan 300

So my usual disclaimer of apologising for being so absent on here - a lot has gone on since my last post! I moved house, dyed my hair back to dark brown, had my birthday and went on holiday - so a lot!

This is probably the 1000th Fenty Beauty review you've seen and I've definitely watched/read my fair share of them. I wanted to do this once I had the products for a decent amount of time so I can ensure I'm giving my legit opinion on something I've used more than once.

Fenty Beauty was launched by Rihanna a while back and she aimed to cater for PoC, specifically darker skin tones and she did exactly that when the large majority of her products were sold out with her first launch! Since then she's launched a bunch of lipsticks with really cool shades that suit melanin down to the ground.

Pro Filtr Foundation in #330

The iconic foundation is described as a long wearing, soft matte medium to buildable full coverage foundation. The foundation is beautifully packaged in a glass bottle with a pump and the legendary Fenty Beauty logo on the front. This foundation is probably the most perfect match I've found. I decided not to treck to Harvey Nichols to get colour matched in person so decided to find my shade online via the shade finder on the website. I was actually a little overwhelmed doing this as there was multiple shades that I could have been....which never happens! I found the model who matched my skin tone the closest and took the plunge with that shade. I'm so glad I did it this way as when it arrived I was really unsure I'd made the right choice as it looked pretty yellow toned for me. I think if I saw this in person I wouldn't have purchased it. When I blend it out and it sets down it matches my skin tone perfectly. I prefer blending this out with a flat topped brush rather than a sponge and usually wear it on days when I want medium coverage. It looks really natural and is literally my skin but better. I've seen lots on the foundation oxidising but I find that it's just 'setting' as I finish the rest of my complexion products. Once it's set it stays that shade so definitely does not oxidise throughout the day. Transfer wise it dooooes transfer a little but not half as much as some of my other foundations. Overall I'd really recommend this foundation for those with normal/oily/combo skin. If you have dry skin maybe use this with an oil based primer to add some moisture as it does cling to dry patches a little.

Match Stix Trio in Tan 300

I knew I really wanted some of the match stix as they looked to be great complexion products. I took the pricey plunge and opted for the trio as they worked out just over £15 each compared to the individual £21. The shades that come with this trio are Truffle for contour, Caramel for conceal/highlight and Rum for shimmery highlight. I am obsessed with these and they're probably my favourite thing from my entire collection. Not only are they perfect shades for contour, conceal and highlight but they have completely converted me to cream products. As you can see from the photo above these are well and truly loved! Truffle is a dark matte creamy brown shade which glides on beautifully and is incredibly easy to blend out. I tried using a sponge to blend first use and hated it, it's a hell of a lot smoother when blending out with a brush and I haven't looked back since. Caramel is a warm toned concealer shade for me which I use under my eyes - again I prefer blending this out with a flat topped brush in a stippling kinda motion. Rum is one of the most perfect highlight shades for my skin tone. It's described as a 'gilded bronze' which is a perfect description. I love using this all over my face as a base before foundation as it adds a really nice natural dewy glow to my skin. I also pat this on my cheekbones, cupids bow and tip/bridge of my nose for an added natural glow. Overall I love love love this trio and will replace them once I finally use them up!

Gloss Bomb

Another iconic product from Fenty - this universal lip product intended for all skin tones and lip shades as a neutral lip gloss. I'm not usually a lip gloss kinda person as British weather, wearing your hair down and a lip gloss does not end well. It's a beautiful shiny gloss that coats your lips really well without being thick, chunky or sticky. It has a really fine shimmer to it which is nice and reflective without being glittery. Overall I'm really glad I picked this product up as it's probably gonna become an everyday product for me.

Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Saw-C

I lost my goddamn mind when Rihanna posted the promo for this range of lipstick...launching on Boxing Day as well?! I salute Rihanna for this great business mind tbh. Saw-C was one of the shades that I gravitated to as I don't own a nice orange lipstick that actually suits my complexion as they're either too bright or too brown based. Saw-C was that perfect fiery vibrant orange for my skin tone. The packaging is super slim and sleek with the satisfying FB on the top. This formula is amazing - it's been a while since I've loved a matte lipstick that's not been a liquid to matte, but this is comfortable, long wearing and super super pigmented. Overall I really like this shade and will potentially pick up some of the more unique shades in this collection.

Above: wearing the Pro Filtr Foundation in #330, Matchstix Trio in Tan 300 and Mattemoiselle in Saw-C

Above: wearing the Pro Filtr Foundation in #330, Matchstix Trio in Tan 300 and Glossbomb on bare lips

Above: Mattemoiselle in Saw-C with Glossbomb over the top

Not only am I a big fan of supporting black women owned brands, but the products I've purchased/used I've really gotten on with. I'm looking forward to expanding my collection and seeing what RiRi has in store for us next!

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to hit me up in the comments below!

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