Review & Swatches: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea 3 Eyeshadow Palette

I received this in the April edition of my Look Incredible beauty box, and wow what a treat! I've heard rave reviews about Tarte's eyeshadows, but never had the opportunity to try them myself. I find that Tarte is quite a hard brand to get hold of in the UK so I've always just steered away from their products to avoid the faff of trying to get them.

The palette consists of 8 shadows, 7 microshimmers and 1 demi matte in a aesthetically pleasing wheel formation with the names printed on the inside. They're all of the bronze/gold family, a palette I can really get down with!

The packaging is absolutely beautiful and really decadent. The front has this beautiful almost peacock like pattern on the front, embossed with gold and the Tarte logo on the front. It's pretty small and slim so would be great for travelling, and would definitely fit in my small make up bag.

The shadows are buttery and soft and wildy pigmented for such shimmery shades. The formula reminds me of Juvia's Place shimmer shadows but about 1 step less intense. All of the shadows are shimmery and amazingly reflective so they would make great highlighters too!

Since I don't know much about Tarte, I did my research about their Rainforest of the Sea range and apparently they are antioxidant-charged so I'm assuming all of the products from this range are as natural as possible....and they're vegan!

(Left to right: Escape, Tiki, Heatwave, Malibu, Rays, Compass, Jewel, Treasure)

I'm in love with all of these shades!! They're all very 'me' in that they're shimmery, golden and bronzy and very high impact and I can see myself using nearly all of them. The demi matte shade Tiki is pretty light so I probably won't get a huge amount of use from that one but it would work well as an all over base in prep for other matte shades.

I decided to have a little play and applied a couple of shades with just my fingers on the lid and inner corner.

I have Malibu on the lid all over and Treasure on the inner corner which complimented each other perfectly! Treasure was a great highlight shade so I decided to apply this on my cheekbones, dip and bridge of my nose, and cupids bow.

Overall I'm a big fan of this palette and I now realise why Tarte's eyeshadows are so sought after. What Tarte products have you tried before?

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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