Review & Try On: Dodo Lashes in D207, D307, D115, D105

You may have seen Dodo Lashes all over Instagram but never really bought into the hype. I had a stalk on their own page and was pretty impressed - I headed to their website and was shocked to see that their lashes are all $5-$12! Most of the styles I liked were $5 which was amazing, and they had a wide range of natural to super thick and vampy lashes.

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I was looking for some nice full, fluttery lashes with a thin and comfortable band and some different styles to what I had. They're all mink lashes and cruelty free which was even better to hear! I bought 5 pairs of lashes at varying prices (1 pair I gifted to my mum), with a 5% discount code, free shipping for over $30 and it totalled to $6.08 per pair of lashes. I can't even deal with how cheap these were! (The only disclaimer is that they don't come with lash glue so you'll need to purchase some if you don't have any of your own)


These are probably the second most natural set I got, they're really full with a nice curl to them without being too thick and fluffy.


Again probably one of the more natural sets I got - they're not as full as the first pair but would be great for a nice every day look.


These are definitely the most va va voom pair that I got. They're thick, fluffy and have an amazing curl on them. I can't get over how natural the hairs look on these lashes too! These will be great to amp up any eye look or to wear with a more simple look for that added glam.


Can we just appreciate this cuuuuurl?! I can't get over it! These are a little more wispy and natural with an incredible curl on the end - again would be great to amp up a more natural look or give some added depth to an intense eye look.

Overall I love these lashes, they were super easy to apply, comfortable to wear and incredibly well priced for the quality. You can get about 10 wears out of these if you look after them after each use as well!

Remember to use my code rametc to get money off your entire order!

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment below!

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