Tutorial: Facechart - Milk1422 - Blue & Turquoise

It's been a longggg time since I've attempted to recreate a facechart! I've followed @Milk1422 for a while on Instagram now and their facecharts are such fun looks! They range from wild, out there looks with lots of colours, to simple, more everyday looks - which is a bit like my makeup style!

I saved this blue and yellow look a long time ago and finally decided today was the day to recreate it.

For this look I decided to use my Imagic Pro Flash Palette dupe (review and swatches post here!) and the Masquerade Palette from Juvia's Place (review and swatches post here!)

I started with a base of foundation, concealer and powder then did my brows as normal. For my eyes I covered them from lid to brow bone with concealer; I wanted a nice neutral base so the bright colours would pop.

I started off with the yellow shade and put this all over my lid, right to the brow bone and used a matte yellow eyeshadow to set it all in place. Using a matte dark brown I put this in my outer V to smoke it out a little and add some dimension to my eye shape.

Using the turquoise from the flash palette I used a fine liner brush to put this on my inner corner and line my lash line. I then set this with the turquoise shade Zola from the Masquerade palette. This also added a nice bit of shimmer so the inner corner popped really well. I then ran the same yellow underneath the blue shade on my lower lash line and blended them together.

To finish off the eye look I put some long, wispy lashes - the D105's from Dodo Lashes (remember to use my code rametc to get some money off from Dodo Lashes!) on to add some extra depth and deepen it all a little as everything was so bright.

The lips were the most fun part of the look in my opinion! I used the same turquoise and yellow - yellow for upper lip, turquoise for lower lip. Then I set them all in place with the shadows I was using. I used a yellow toned highlighter on the tip and bridge of my nose and cupids bow.

I decided to edit my eye colour to match the turquoise I had used and to match the face chart itself. I really enjoyed doing this look and it's probably something I would wear out for an evening out or something.

Would you recreate this face chart? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!


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