Tutorial: Facechart recreation - Milk1422 - Green & Purple

I decided to recreate another face chart from @Milk1422 on Instagram and was inspired by this cool green and purple look - I love the alternating colours on each eye.

I love using bright colours for eye looks and a dark lip, so this was totally up my street in terms of style.

I used the Juvia's Place Masquerade palette and a random cream green shade I have in my Z palette. You could use any combo of contrasting colours to create this look, or any shadows you have on hand.

I started with a base of foundation, concealer and did my eyebrows as I usually do. Using a flat brush I put the green all over 1 lid but went slightly above my crease - I did the same with the purple shade on my other eye. Then using the same shade for each eye I ran this under my lash line to match the crease shade.

 Using the alternate colour I ran this all the way from my crease up to my brow bone. I added a little pop of a light champagne shimmery shade to the centre of my lid and just above my brow bone.

I used the same highlight shade and ran this slightly under the lash line shade, then the dip and tip of my nose, chin and cheeks; I used a fluffy brush to blend them all nicely into my skin. To finish off the look I added some long fluttery lashes - the D105's from Dodo Lashes (remember to use my code rametc to get some money off from Dodo Lashes!) and some long straight bottom lashes.

Once I'd finished with the eyes I used a black eyeliner pencil to line and fill my lips - I created a little point at the edge of each of my lips to have it a bit more pointed. I then covered my lips with a clear gloss and patted on a tiny bit of the shimmery purple and shimmery green I had used for the eyes. Purple on my lower lip just for a small highlight, and green just on the upper lip. To finish off, I edited each eye to match the eye look and I feel this pulled it all together - coloured contacts would look awesome too!

I loved doing this look and it's something that I can definitely see myself wearing, especially the eye look. Would you wear this look? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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