Tutorial: Halloween - Creepy Mickey Mouse

As you know I love Halloween and I'm currently doing a superhero series with different looks. If you're not into superheroes, I've done this super easy but very creepy Mickey Mouse. After going to Disneyland I wanted to do a Halloween take on the infamous mouse.

This look was super easy to create and I used mainly the Imagic Pro Flash Palette, which is a great dupe for the Make Up Forever flash palette at half the price. If you haven't seen my review and swatches - head here!

I started off with my standard base of foundation and concealer - no contour. Did my eyebrows and did a simple dark purpley smokey eye and put some wispy lashes on. I used Dodo Lashes in D207, remember to use my code rametc to get money off your order!

The look itself was really easy to do and I used a fine liner brush to achieve everything along with the flash palette.

Using the black shade I covered my lips then drew a rough extended smile line from both corners of my lips. Using the black again I drew smudged squiggly lines from the top to the bottom. I did these as rough as possible and smudged them out a bit with the brush.

With the black shade I drew a little circle on the tip of my nose and used the white to do a small crescent on the side as a highlight.

I decided to do some light veining under my eyes with the red shade. I did them as light and smudged as possible and just drew small lines/vines underneath my eyes. Helps to cover those dark circles too!

Finally I added a pointed hairline just at the top of my own hairline. I blended the black shade into my natural hairline as much as possible so it looked a little more realistic.

And that's everything! I added the mouse ears which were my partners from Disneyland. They were super cheap from Amazon and arrived really quickly! This look was super easy and very quick to create and looks super creepy! I personally edited my eyes to black them out but black or white out contacts would look great too!

Would you recreate this look? What kinda Halloween looks would you like to see? If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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