Tutorial: Halloween - Superhero Series - She Hulk

She Hulk is one of the coolest superheroes Marvel has ever created yet she's so rarely talked about? She's the cousin to Bruce Banner and once received an emergency blood transfusion from him when she was wounded; and alas She Hulk was born. Unlike the Hulk, she retains all her power and strength whilst she is 'normal' and 'human' but that still escalates when she gets angry. Technically, she's probably stronger than The Hulk as she's like this 24/7 but he has to go to Hulk Mode to become like that! I think this might be my favourite look from my superhero series, I can't get over how easy but effective this look is!

To start with I obviously painted my entire face and shoulders green. I used the green shade from the Imagic Pro flash palette which is a great dupe for the Make Up Forever flash palette. I've used this for near enough every single look from my Superhero Series!

Next I used a dark green matte shade from the Sleek Make Up Garden of Eden palette for contour on my cheekbones, my hairline and jawline. I went pretty heavy with this as She Hulk is pretty slender and I wanted to add as much dimension to my face as possible.

I defined my already very dark brows with the same matte green eyeshadow shade. Since my brows are pretty dark this was a nice subtle addition to the heavily green look.

For the eyes I used the Garden of Eden palette again, using the matte green shade for my crease and the lighter shimmer greens on my lid and inner corner. I also smoked the dark green matte shade on my lower lash line to make it a little more smoky and sultry. I added some thick wispy lashes, using the Ashley pair from El Lashes (use my code rametc5 to get money off your order!)

Once I was finished with the eyes I completed the look with a dark green matte liquid lipstick. Annoyingly, this is the one from Jeffree Star, but a matte green eyeshadow would work just as well. I coated my hair in green hairspray and backcombed a little to add some volume. She Hulk has dark black hair so this part is completely optional, but I think it tied everything together nicely! And that's the look complete! I toldddd ya it was easy! I edited my eye colour green to of course match the full look, but you could also wear green contacts or just go without.

Do you think you'd try out She Hulk for your Halloween costume? Let me know what you think in the comments, or if you have any questions or suggestions!

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