Tutorial: Halloween - Superhero Series - Catwoman

*DJ Khaled voice* ANOTHER ONE....another superhero make up look that is. Ahh Catwoman has had some stick in her movie career, multiple features with multiple looks. I decided to go for the Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns Catwoman with the leather and all black mask stapled together haphazardly in her cat ridden home.

This look was incredibly easy to do and you could vary it with lip colour and eye look too! I mainly used my Imagic Pro Flash Palette which is an amazing dupe for the Make Up Forever Flash Palette and at a fraction of the price!

I started with a base of foundation and skipped concealer since I'd be covering all those areas anyways. I did my eyebrows as normal too. To create the eye look I wanted to do something dark and with a reddish tone to it to add to the vampy feel of Catwoman's character. I used Hookah from Suva Beauty in my crease and buffed this out and then Night Market right in the crease to darken everything up. I repeated these steps on my lower lash line and smoked out Hookah a little into a cat eyed pointed shape. I used Revolt from the Urban Decay Electrics palette on the lid and inner corner. I finished the look with some big fluffy, 3D lashes and opted for the Ashley lashes by El Lashes (use my code rametc5 to get some money off your order!)

Now for the 'mask'! Using a fine liner brush I used the black from the Imagic Pro palette and drew a curved line from one ear to the other going over my nose. Top tip: look in the mirror front on so each side is even! I then drew circles around my eyes and eyebrows for the 'eye holes' of the mask. Next, fill it all in with the black shade

Once all filled in with black I set it all in place with a matte eyeshadow, again I used Night Market from Suva Beauty. To create some shadow I used a matte brown shade and buffed that under the 'mask' line to look like it was sat on my face and to add some dimension; I used Islander from Suva Beauty. I wanted to give it that almost wet leather look so dabbed on some silver eyeshadow (I used Revolt again from the UD Electrics palette) on the top of my forehead and other areas of the mask so it looked like the wet leather was being reflected by the light. Don't over do it with this part! You only need a couple of dabs over the high points of your face, not all over the mask.

To finish off the mask I used the white from the Imagic palette and a fine liner brush and lightly drew some lines over the mask. Over those lines I drew crosses and smaller lines to act as the 'staples' that Catwoman used to create the mask.

For my lips I wanted them to be as vampy as possible so I lined them with a black eyeliner pencil and went over then in the centre of my mouth with Vino Tinto in the Matte Me Lip Cream by Sleek Makeup. When lining my lips I made my cupids bow a little pointier than normal for some added edge. This part is totally optional! You could even go with a classic red lip if you preferred.

Add some black cat ears and a collar and you're done (leather catsuit is optional)! I loved doing this look and it was so simple and looks really cool too.

Would you try this look? Who was your favourite Catwoman? If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop me a comment!

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