Tutorial: Halloween - Suphero Series - Rogue from X-Men

Next on the Suphero Halloween series is one of my favourite ever superheroes from the Comics and Cartoons - Rogue from X-Men. You may remember her as an annoying whiny teenager from the early X Men films; but Rogue is actually so cool!!! With her touch, she absorbs the power of any mutant she touches, and DID YOU KNOW Rogue was a runaway teen who was found and adopted by Mystique and entered into their wild, criminal world. She then found herself seeking help from Charles Xavier and ended up being a member of the X-Men. She was also romantically involved with Gambit....see!! She is cool!!

For this look I kept things quite simple but added little flourishes of Rogue and her outfit etc into the look. I started with a base of foundation, concealer and a light contour and then I did my eyebrows as normal.

For the eye look I wanted to do something smokey and dark as Rogue was known to be a sultry Southern lady! I used the Magic Palette from Juvia's Place, using the darkest shades available. I used the black shade in my outer V and smoked that into my crease; then Kia on the lid and Katsina which is a matte light brown to blend out the black to soften it a little.

I decided to use my Dodo D307 lashes (remember to use my code rametc to get some money off from Dodo Lashes!) as I wanted them to be very larger than life and fluttery; I also think these look great with really dark eye looks.

For the headband I used the Imagic Pro Flash Palette dupe. I used the green shade to paint this strip across my forehead. I then used the black and a fine liner brush to outline the edges of the band, using the same brush I used this for a little bit of highlight without dipping back into the colour. I used a bit of the white shade from the flash palette in between the black highlight to add some more dimension to the band.

To finish off the look I decided on a red lipstick and used some white hairspray to spray in the iconic white stripe in Rogue's hair. I wore a yellow top to make it seem like Rogue's X-Men uniform. Throw on a cargo jacket and you're done!

This is the Rogue I know and love growing up!

Do you reckon you'd try out this look? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment!

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